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Are you bored during quarantine?

KS Press has the perfect remedy for you! From short, action-packed dramas to long, melodramatic romances, this list has it all. Here are 12 K-Dramas to keep you busy during quarantine.

01. It’s Okay, That’s Love


Tackling the deep issues of mental health, It’s Okay, That’s Love is about affection and healing.

Ji Hae Soo (Gong Hyo Jin) is a psychiatrist who lacks empathy and kindness. She meets Jang Jae Yeol (Jo In Sung), a famous novelist and radio DJ, and the strong personalities of the two clash but their rivalry soon turns into love as they discover their similarities. But they both suffer from their mental struggles and the drama focuses on how they heal and accept their deep wounds together. This drama is hugely praised for its take on mental health despite it being a largely undiscussed social stigma in Korea.

Featuring D.O of EXO and many other amazing actors, this drama raises awareness while delivering a solid script. It is a drama not to be missed.

02. Who are you: School 2015


The drama Who Are You: School 2015 is about two girls who are in for twists and turns in their life: both are twins who lead very different kinds of lives. The show is filled with suspense storylines that hook you in and captivate you. 

The cast are very talented and show diversity in their acting. From intense to hilarious scenes, this drama offers everything that can take your mind off from the outside world. Kim Sohyun really proves herself as an excellent actress that can deliver emotions well and portray them realistically. —Jen

03. Tunnel


Unlike its title, Tunnel is a looping path covered in brambles of entangled plot twists. A classic detective drama with a touch of fantasy added to the mix, this drama will keep you on your toes. Featuring Choi Jin Hyuk as Park Gwang Ho – a semi-famous detective in the 1980s – who travels mysteriously through time to unravel the secret behind the case he failed to solve 30 years ago. Along with his elitist partner Kim Seon Jae (Yoon Hyun Min) and cold-hearted psychology professor Shin Jae Yi (Lee Yoo Young), he cracks down on various cases while trying to solve his own. 

With the element of time travel, you cannot help but laugh at the main character’s comedic struggles to adapt to the new environment. However, it is still filled with dramatic character reveals and different turns with each new episode; it is a drama fit for beginners and experienced viewers alike. —Tato

04. The Innocent Man


The Innocent Man is a dark melodrama which is very emotional and full of surprises. This story is about old flames, revenge and the mishaps of a man who used to be naive and innocent. Kang Maru (Song Joongki) is a changed man after his first love chooses riches over love and follows a path of revenge to get back at her. Betrayal is one word to remember when it comes to this twisted drama. 

At the end of this you will be questioning the motivation behind what’s happening and you will feel strong emotions for the characters reaching from love to hate – this drama makes you involved and emotionally invested. —Jen

05. Doctor Stranger


Making sure to keep you hooked during quarantine, Doctor Stranger is a classic among fans. Even if medical dramas do not usually suit your taste, this drama is sure to catch your attention for its deep and thoughtful plot.

Two lovers, broken apart while crossing the dangerous borders from North to South Korea, are reunited again in a hospital in Seoul. Or are they? Park Hoon (Lee Jong Suk) finally meets Song Jae Hee (Jin Se Yeon) working as a doctor in Seoul; but she goes by the name Han Seung Hee and claims to have no recollection of him at all. This unravels a series of emotional and dark events.

With a star studded cast and stellar acting, Doctor Stranger does not fail to tug at one’s heartstrings as the drama tells the story of loss, betrayal and love. —Tato

06. Cheese in the Trap


This drama was made into a series based from a popular webtoon. It shows the life of college students and brings you their story in a fun yet strangely eerie way. Cheese in the Trap mostly follows the love story of hard working scholarship student Hong Seol (Kim Goeun) and the secretive senior Yoo Jung (Park Haejin).

This drama (and webtoon) makes you think about the development of the characters and how  some people can appear one way but are actually different. The name itself throws you as a watcher or reader and gives a main hint about the plot. It is a drama that will keep you on your toes.  —Jen

07. Chief Kim


Comedically brilliant, Chief Kim is brimming with charisma, corruption and well written humour.

Telling the story of a man who initially only cares for the cash, Kim Sung Ryong (Min Nam Goong) becomes a manager at TQ group to embezzle large amounts of money but is forced to fight for the rights of his employees after discovering their disastrous work environment.

This drama is riddled with dark humour and a fantastic plot as you support the morally gray main character and his friends. An even more interesting touch to the series is the bromance with the antagonist of the drama Seo Yool (Lee Jun Ho) as the two play a game of cat and mouse, enticing the viewers. 

What struck me as the most interesting about this drama is the character development: not just the main character, but they all experience an emotional change as you see characters you initially dislike turn into characters you root for and support. Chief Kim truly softens the hearts of all viewers and is greatly recommended. —Tato

08. Angry Mom


The comedy Angry Mom is set in a school. The story follows a mother who, after serious events, decides to take it on herself to find out what is happening in the school of her hospitalised daughter and the corruption lying behind the facade. Therefore Jo Kangja (Kim Heesun) enrolls in the school of her daughter under a fake name. 

This drama combines a fun yet serious tone in a perfect and balanced way. Not only are there moments where you cannot help but laugh out loud, there is also the major grand plot which will get you hooked and make you want to see justice being served. It offers you everything you could wish for in a comedy. —Jen

09. Love in the Moonlight


A romantic gender bender, historical drama is never a miss! Love in the Moonlight shows the fairytale of Crown Prince, Lee Young (Park Bo Gum), who grows and becomes a great king with the help of his eunuch Hong Ra On (Kim Yoo Jun) who is a female dressed as a man. The two begin a dangerous but beautiful journey of love and growth as they experience the joy of youth together. For romantic lovers, this drama is dripping with sweet, heart pounding moments between the couple which you are sure to enjoy. 

With Kwak Dong Yeon, Jinyoung (B1A4) and Chae Soo Bin to add to the cast list, this drama not only has a great plot but is also filled with eye candy. The director of the series, Kim Sung Yoon, highlighted that their ‘focus was on creating a romance that is pretty charming but also sad. There is no grand metaphor. Rather than unveiling a political message, we focused on telling a story that is easy to identify with’ making the drama easily watchable for all. —Tato

10. She was Pretty


She was Pretty is a comedy with a lot of heart and soul. It follows Kim Hyejin (Hwang Jungeum) who was once a shining beauty. But after a series of unfortunate events, she changes and her previous attractive appearance is lost. About to meet her first love again, she gets nervous and makes her best friend go in her place. Little did she know, there would be more chances to rekindle this love as trust in those around her is tested. This drama is about first love, fashion and beauty in an office setting.

This drama is a social commentary on how beauty standards are presented in a fun and emotional way. This drama makes you root for everyone and the infamous second-lead-syndrome is particularly prominent in the drama. —Jen

11. Welcome to Waikiki


Welcome to Waikiki is a light hearted, comedy drama which will leave you laughing in hysterics with every episode. Perfect for a break between the back to back melodramatic or thriller dramas you might be watching, this drama is the opportunity to sit back, relax and watch for some fun.

A single mother Han Yoon Ah (Jung In Sun) arrives with her baby Sol in a declining guesthouse and numerous misunderstandings occur with the three men (Kim Jung Hyun, Lee Yi Kyung, Son Seung Won) and one sister (Ko Won Hee) who struggle to accommodate the two new guests in their house. The Slice of Life drama depicts the various brawls between the housemates and how each of them conquer their fears, manage their work and strengthen their friendship while finding themselves in hilarious situations along the way. —Tato

12. Reply 1997


Reply 1997 is a fun, nostalgic Idol Drama to watch. It’s especially great for when you want to learn more about the beginnings of KPOP. To add this, the drama marks the start of the brilliant Reply series.

The story mainly follows the love stories of High School students and their connection to pop-culture in 1997 and the years after. This drama gives you a deeper understanding of the fandom culture in the past and shows you why big groups like H.O.T and Sechskies still have a big korean audience and their impact on KPOP today. Not only does music play a huge role, but friendship, romance and memories do as well. The show shows the lives of teenagers in the 90s as they grow from their childish, playful selves into mature adults and reminisce about the good times as they grow older. 

Fun Fact: The show never shies away from making fun of the Sechskies’ and H.O.T’s infamous rivalry – considered one of the biggest fan wars of its time. The main female characters are crazy H.O.T fans while one of the main cast members, Eun Jiwon, is the leader of Sechskies. So expect some punches being thrown around, especially towards him. —Jen & Tato

Honourable Mentions

This is a list of shorter dramas for a quick watch.

Page Turner


The melodrama Page Turner contains musical undertones and is a swift watch with only three episodes. This beautifully crafted drama is about hope, learning and getting through awful situations in life. It shows how important it is to have a sanguine mindset. —Jen

Cheer Up!


Cheer Up! is a fun teen romance drama in a school setting. It features a cast full of idols and can be quickly watched due to having twelve episodes. This short drama pulls you into a wonderful story full of passion, friendship and love. —Jen

Splash Splash Love


Splash Splash Love is a historical short drama with the element of time travel. Teenage Danbi (Kim Seul Gi) falls into a puddle and travels back through time to the Joseon era while trying to take her CSAT. Mistaken for an eunuch (men who serve the royal family), she teaches the King (Yoon Doo Joon) her knowledge of mathematics and science despite despising the subjects at school as she realises her limited understanding is enough to make her a genius in the Joseon era. Soon the King and her begin to fall in love. 

This drama is a quick binge with only two episodes as the main character realises the importance of knowledge and love. —Tato

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