Last Updated on June 8, 2020 by Cosmic

In celebration of the group’s 10th anniversary, the 2NE1 members wrote and posted personal handwritten messages on social media.


Minzy, Bom, and Sandara posted the same picture with the four members’ messages, thanking their fans for their support of 10 years.

Despite their disbandment in 2017, 2NE1 still care for each other and their fans deeply (as CL puts it, they are “fourever”).

Blackjacks are currently celebrating #10YearsWith2NE1 and reminiscing one of the most influential and unique K-pop girl groups in music, concept, and fashion (complete with Sandara’s daring hairstyles). 2NE1 is missed dearly and they will continue to receive love and support from Blackjacks!

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