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YG Entertainment has denied claims of solicitation of prostitution made by MBC’s investigation report programme “Straight”. The preview for the episode, titled “In pursuit of YG’s Yang Hyun Suk, allegations of sexual favors in clubs”, offers insight into the case that claims that Yang Hyunsuk provided for sexual services for two South-East Asian investors.

The show claims that YG, along with an entertainer of his company, was accompanied at an upscale restaurant in Gangnam by twenty five women & eight men. Of these, ten women are known to be a part of an adult entertainment establishment closely affiliated with YG.

They went to a Gangnam club after the meal, one which is known to be managed by YG. It is said that consumption of alcohol followed by sexual favours ensued at the club. It is further revealed that one of the men who received sexual favours was a Thai who was known to be involved in Seungri’s “Burning Sun” drug scandal.

It is also revealed that Seungri used a YG business credit card to pay for the accommodations of overseas investors on an occasion where he was found to have hired prostitutes to provide sexual service for them. The fact that the police have not investigated YG, despite constant suspicion that they have been involved has been brought up.

In the preview, a woman claimed to have been drugged states, “It was a really big deal for me and I think I almost died, the alcohol that the Thai person gave me that time was whiskey.” She says, “(The YGX director) seemed to be taking care of (the rich Thai man Mr. Bob). Like his role was to be the guide.” YGX is a subsidiary of YG.

YG Entertainment responds, “The claims are false. Although Yang Hyun Suk was there, as he had been invited by an acquaintance, there was never any solicitations of any kinds of services.”

The full episode is set to air on May 27th at 8:55 PM KST.

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