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Soo Jung-lee, who started off with the name “Yukari” and currently goes by the moniker “Aseul,” is an artist born in Incheon. Drawing influences from artists like Linda Perhacs and Cocteau Twins, Aseul’s music is soft, dainty and dreamy with a sense of isolation, promoting lighter themes like laughter to more serious subjects like suicide.

When she was branded under the name Yukari, her musical direction leaned towards dreary, ephemeral dream-pop cuts. As Aseul, she releases synthpop pieces that sound like sonifications of a deserted neon-lit Tokyo street. Painting our synesthesiac minds with her neon-coloured-notes, Aseul’s music stylistically shares coordinates with chillwave and lo-fi music. Gauzy synths, wispy vocals, and feel-good ambience just create the right recipe for an afternoon treat.

“They’re all personal,” she says, when asked about her most personal song. Aseul’s music comes from her multi-dimensional core which is rich with honesty. Her music is laced with countless emotions that have been delivered, flaws and all.

Aseul’s world feels like one where you are accepted with open arms, without any reservations. And making a listener feel in such a way is a great accomplishment in itself.

Colossal things are waiting for Aseul ahead.

Our favourites from Aseul: Give Me Five, Dazed, Joke.

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7 months ago

she’s one of my favorite indie artists! i’m really happy to see something written about her!