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yeseo, KS DAILY

An otherworldly siren-like voice echoing over creamy R&B chords or glittering SynthPop instrumentals – Yeseo’s music has it all.

Yeseo’s beauty lies in her versatility; her breathy, tinny vocals layered on top of a multitude of genre-fluid instrumentals lull you into a sense of security. Sassy or heartfelt, Yeseo’s emotions in her music are wide ranging and ever changing. Her LP, Damn Rules is a showcase of that unafraid, unapologetic electronic sass while on Million Things, the smooth ballad-esque instrumentals shine.

Yeseo does everything on her own, including her mixing and mastering. Emerging as a SoundCloud artist several years ago, she has cemented herself as one of the most promising acts to come out of Korea, dropping tangible and à la mode song cycles that segregate her from her peers.

“These songs have been more like a diary of my daily life. When I sketch melodies, it’s more comfortable for me to sketch in English”, says Yeseo about her music when asked why English plays such an integral role in her music. Yeseo has gone from uploading original recordings on SoundCloud to opening for one of the most influential Norwegian acts, Aurora.

She’s a deserving leader of the Korean Indie scene.

Our Favourites from Yeseo: Honey, Don’t Kill My Vibe, Wonderland, Hot Hand.

yeseo, KS DAILY
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