Last Updated on June 8, 2020 by Cosmic

In celebration of the third anniversary of ASTRO’s fan base AROHA, the group of young men have gifted their fans with a special version of their “All Night” performance – with wings!

ASTRO dressed as ethereal angels for a special dance practice version of their recent title track, “All Night,” as a thank you for the continued three years of support from their fans. During the video, the group can be heard laughing and seen goofing around with one another. As well as the transformation to angels, ASTRO also have included a few improvised dance moves within this dance practice to highlight their heavenly appearance!

AROHA, an acronym that means “Astrohearts all fans” (and also means “love” in Māori), first got their name given to them from ASTRO on February 23, 2016 during ASTRO’s debut showcase. The fan base is known by many to be one of kindness and loyalty, and has seen an impressive growth in the past few months after ASTRO’s recent and successful comeback with “All Light,” their first full studio album. 

Here’s to many more years of happiness with ASTRO and AROHA!

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