LOONA “#” Album Review

“Do not accept the fate of the moon” A sanguine voice chimes in LOONA’s “So What” M/V: an expression laced with sinister determination against being underestimated and stereotyped. LOONA have come back with a new concept showing us their ‘hidden side’ – a side which manifests through the burgeoning self-love […]

EXO “Obsession” Album Review

The reigning kings of K-pop are back with another full album (full albums followed by repackages are an EXO tradition). With an entire armada of genres at their disposal, EXO continue to surprise with new sounds and textures on this album, going all out in terms of diversity. However, the […]

Artist Spotlight: Yeseo

An otherworldly siren-like voice echoing over creamy R&B chords or glittering SynthPop instrumentals – Yeseo’s music has it all. Yeseo’s beauty lies in her versatility; her breathy, tinny vocals layered on top of a multitude of genre-fluid instrumentals lull you into a sense of security. Sassy or heartfelt, Yeseo’s emotions […]

Artist Spotlight: Aseul

Soo Jung-lee, who started off with the name “Yukari” and currently goes by the moniker “Aseul,” is an artist born in Incheon. Drawing influences from artists like Linda Perhacs and Cocteau Twins, Aseul’s music is soft, dainty and dreamy with a sense of isolation, promoting lighter themes like laughter to […]

Dreamcatcher ‘Raid of Dream’ Album Review

Dreamcatchers catch and conceal nightmares, protecting us from all the horror, but the girls of Dreamcatcher don’t do the same—they are the nightmares themselves. With the concept of escaping nightmares being the sole Sol around which everything revolves, Dreamcatcher have always presented us with their signature horror concept—Gothic and Victorian, […]