Last Updated on June 8, 2020 by Cosmic

A recent YouTube video announced a plethora of artists that will be performing on November 2 at the ‘Autumn Forest Kpop Concert.’ Currently, the announced artist list includes Loona, JBJ95, Kim Donghan, Celeb Five, Ladies Code, Park Kyung of Block B, YUMDDA and Lusty.

You can see all of the announced artists in this video:

For many people a very exciting prospect would be the mini JBJ reunion with Kim Donghan and JBJ95 sharing the stage. I’m sure many Joyfuls, including myself, will be thrilled to see their boys together again!

The rest of the card is no joke either with even a bit of K-HipHop thrown into the mix with YUMDDA and Park Kyung performing.

We aren’t certain if this is the entire card but more artists are sure to make us even more pumped for this festival!

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