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UPDATE: Shopee has released a statement on Twitter in response to the Blinks uproar.

While Shopee may have hoped this would placate the masses, the majority seem to believe it wasn’t enough, with commenters calling on the retailer to issue refunds to those affected. Many comments also expressed intentions to switch to rival retailer Lazada. No matter the outcome, one thing is for sure, Blinks will neither forgive nor forget this incident easily.

Blinks are upset and demanding answers after the conclusion of a contest held by online retailer Shopee Phillippines.

The contest offered Blinks a chance to attend a BLACKPINK meet & greet event hosted by the company. There were three ticket types (Black, Pink, and Orange), each with varying ways to win. Black ticket contest rules were simple: all fans had to do was register and make purchases on Shopee between May 11 and May 25. All purchases would be added up and at the conclusion of the contest period, the top 568 spenders would receive one ticket to the event. Out of the 568 winners, the top 40 spenders would get the chance to go onstage and receive an autograph from BLACKPINK.

However, after the conclusion of the contest, Blinks began noticing issues. Shopee altered the terms and conditions between June 4 and 5. Originally the terms and conditions stated, “For orders to be counted to the buyer’s total accumulated purchases, orders must be placed from May 11-25 and must be received and completed by June 1, 2019.” The cut-off date for purchases to be received and completed was later abruptly changed to May 25.

Further issues arose when Shopee sent push notifications to winners on June 3. Fans noticed that some of those who had won tickets had spent less than others who had not. Due to these concerns, several Blinks who won contacted Shopee to make sure there were no errors in the announcement, with customer service representatives assuring them their tickets were valid. June 5th, the day before the event, Shopee sent out yet another push notification to previously announced winners, shown below.

Blinks, KS DAILY

After contacting customer service, fans were informed that they were chosen in error, and instead were offered a voucher as an apology. Outraged, they took to Twitter with the hashtag #SHOPEESCAM, where it soon became the number one trending topic worldwide. If you’d like a more in-depth look at fans’ struggles with Shopee, you can check out the following thread:

Shopee’s problems did not stop there, as Blinks found out that many celebrities and social media influencers were offered invites, regardless of if they were fans or not. Video from the event on Twitter shows many of these influencers seated and silent.

On top of the event’s disastrous organization, Jennie also appeared unwell.

Video from @ellacruz Instagram story

Blinks are now calling on the Department of Trade and Industry of the Phillipines Government to investigate Shopee’s actions. A petition calling for DTI to fine Shopee Phillipines has already amassed over 7,000 signatures. Hopefully the situation is addressed, as BLACKPINK and Blinks deserve answers.

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