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On May 17, Starship Entertainment announced Boyfriend’s official disbandment. The company posted a compilation video of all the members throughout their careers together in their happiest moments.

“We sincerely thank [the members of Boyfriend] for their passion and heart as proud artists of Starship. We will never forget all the moments we’ve shared together.”

In an official statement, Starship Entertainment expressed gratitude toward their long-standing artists and the fans that have supported Boyfriend for 8 years. After much discussion, both the company and the group decided to part ways with their contract end, and form “new beginnings.”

Boyfriend debuted in 2011 with the single “Boyfriend.” After this, they released more content that became popular with the Korean as well as Japanese audience, with notable songs “Janus,” “I Yah,” and “Witch.”

Throughout their career, they showed off their versatility as well as their musical prowess.

Boyfriend, KS DAILY

Recently, they were part of idol rebooting show The Unit, with one of the members (Donghyun) barely not making the final group. They also promoted Japanese songs during this period and released a track dedicated to their fans called “Sunshower.”

Boyfriend’s disbandment is saddening, and they will be sincerely missed. In whatever the members choose to do next, they will have the support of fans.

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