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Crush has officially departed from Amoeba Culture after six years under the label. The popular R&B and hip-hop singer plans to start his own agency.

On an Instagram post, Crush wrote a sweet message expressing his gratitude toward the members and staff of Amoeba Culture, who have supported him for many years.

Crush with Amoeba Culture’s members and staff, taken from his Instagram post

Amoeba Culture also released its own statement announcing the termination of Crush’s contract. The label—led by CEOs Gaeko and Choiza of Dynamic Duo—will continue to enthusiastically support Crush’s ventures, which is especially touching and demonstrative of the artists’ strong relationship.

In 2014, Crush released his first album Crush on You and has lead a decorated musical career ever since.

Under Amoeba Culture—a record label home to Dynamic Duo, Rhythm Power, Primary, Ha:tfelt, and more—Crush has produced countless works to great success and acclaim.

Crush’s 2014 release “Hug Me” from Crush on You
Crush’s 2016 track “Fall” from Wonderlust

Crush will join peers such as Jay Park and Zico, fellow influential artists who have also established their own independent record labels within the past few years.

As he is a hard-working and passionate singer, there is no doubt that Crush will continue to evolve musically and achieve success with his new label.

Although his departure from Amoeba Culture is certainly “Bittersweet,” we wish the best of luck to Crush in all his future endeavours!

Crush’s 2018 single “Bittersweet”

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