Last Updated on June 8, 2020 by Cosmic

The leader of first generation Idol Group SECHSKIES and famous variety show personality EUN JIWON will release his first solo album under YG ENTERTAINMENT on June 27th. The album has been announced and is called G1 which is one of EUN JIWON’s nicknames. He hasn’t released a single or an album since “Trauma” in 2015 so this comeback definitely comes as a surprise, a very welcomed one!

Check out the official tweet with the coming soon teaser down below:

Let’s hope that there won’t be an ADIOS after this comeback from EUN JIWON. And to get more hyped up for the release, you can enjoy watching him on KANG KITCHEN which is currently on air.

Eun Jiwon’s famous hit song “Adios”
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