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Gaho, a member of Project Group PLT, is known for his unique voice and great control.
Until now Gaho focused more on ballads, however ‘Pink Walk’ goes into completely different direction.

Laid back or chill. Funky or Groovy. Whatever you want to call it, Gaho delivers with this minimalistic electro R&B number.

Pink Walk plays with a lot of different sounds such as snapping, clicking, whistling and echoing all accompanied with vocal snippets turned into electric synths, nice bass lines, deep “thuds” and most importantly, the heavenly vocals.

Gaho impresses with his range of abilities, be it a more breathier technique or lower notes, soft high notes, the changes from chest to head voice, you call it. The variety he presents alone through his vocal ability is astounding.

However I’d have to argue that his use of the more breathier vocals was too often utilized whereas his lower notes weren’t.

Which brings us to my personal highlight, the amazing, sexy low note at the beginning. Sadly he isn’t doing that more often which makes the song feel a bit too predictable. He uses his techniques in the same styles without putting a spin to them to make it sound more exciting.

Which is also mirrored in the way the song is structured. It keeps the same style and rhythm throughout the song without doing something to refresh the melody.
Gaho doesn’t lose any value in his voice though. He still is able to show it off like he did in previous songs, just in a different way.

Generally it’s just a really nice vibe, it’s literally a song you’ll bop your head to, like the actors and actresses in the Music Video do, which you can watch here in 4K.

Rating 8/10

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