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Imagine the sun directly overhead the Tropic of Cancer or the Tropic of Capricorn, sunglasses and sunscreen on, sweating profusely, burning in the scorching heat, but there’s one stop (or many) to chill your eardrums—here are the Korean girl groups of summer 2019!

2019 has been a bounteous year when it comes to K-pop, and the following are some of the most summery summer songs this year. So lay back and chill, let the numerous wavelengths attack you as you put your headphones on, and give in to the music, the harmonies, the gorgeous summer offerings of the following girl groups.

1. Zimzalabim – Red Velvet

Say the magic (summer) word—”Zimzalabim”!

Red Velvet have comeback with a summer banger yet again, a mighty experimental successor to 2018’s “Power Up.” The track and music video showcase everything Red Velvet have offered to us in all these years in a nutshell.

The concept is representative of a Summer Festival—there ought to be Red Velvet Ice Cream Cakes at Red Velvet’s Summer Festival! A diverse ensemble provides you with the crunchiest harmonies, a highly explorative instrumental which takes you on a ride (as represented by a rollercoaster in the music video), and an infectious hook that keeps roaming your mind for days after the first listen—what more could you want in a K-pop song?

It is a summer banger that you need to be prepared for—as succinctly expressed by Wendy in the beginning—”Are you ready for this?” Hell yes! Play the song!

2. Red-Sun (021) – GWSN

“RED-SUN (021)”—the track’s name is a direct allusion to the Summer Solstice on the 21st of June and the heat of the summer sun.

The track is literally audible infrared waves, bringing in warm tropical and deep house sounds with an EDM party feel to the chorus. The synthesized Marimba synths further add to the Solstice feel of the song, showcasing GWSN’s diversity in their own concept.

The music video is a perfectly paired collection of shots, with a transcendental stately royale feel with enough GWSN-verse motives. GWSN’s high chipmunk-esque vocals almost seem like heavily synthesized instruments, giving a deserving forefront to the celebratory background instrumental.

It is one of the underrated songs of summer for us and needs to be played in beach parties worldwide!

P.S.: Miya with red hair!

3. Boogie Up – WJSN

“Boogie Up”—a cool summer synthpop blast of a song!

The track’s muffled hook is addictive and a direct segway into the cool, beach-sounding chorus instrumental. The funky twang guitars add a fun driving rhythm to it that makes you want to dance. This is further curbed by Seola’s subdued pre-chorus. It is a consummate change in conceptual direction for WJSN, but they still remain true to their core synthpop sound.

“Boogie Up” is a ride through summer wonderland, especially when paired with the party-themed video. With this song, WJSN bring back the flair of Sistar, their company predecessors, and it is a must-listen during summers.

4. Fever – GFriend

“Fever”—a reference to the heightened body temperatures during summers.

This is a tropical house track that is GFriend’s attempt at a more mature concept than their previous releases, and it has been well-received by domestic as well as international fans. The ensemble’s voices shine like the sun throughout the song, and Yuju is not the only one to sing impressive vocal parts. The instrumental is a refresher with its summery tropical vibes and elatively laid-back yet hype instrumental.

It is another one of the unforgettable tracks this summer!

P.S.: The choreography, as usual, looks fatigue-inducing and should be a wake-up call that we should get up from our couches and exercise!

5. Me & You – EXID

“Me & You,” EXID’s last comeback before an announced hiatus.

It is saddening but the track is a total summer party banger that showcases their famed vocals and puts a temporary end to their reign of cheeky and confident feminist anthems.

6. FUN! – fromis_9

“FUN!” the fromis_9 girls enthusiastically exclaim as they invite you to have fun alongside them in the music video. The song is a vibrant dance track similar to the group’s previous releases. There is a melodic pre-chorus before we swerve into the song’s addictive hook. The bouncy instrumental, the sweet vocals and the colourful music video lighten the mood considerably.

The music video contains a series of advertising parodies that are acted out by the members. It also features some behind the scenes of the members acting out these parody scenes to give the music video a more raw feel.

Fromis_9 maintain their cute and quirky image with this comeback. This is another colourful and energetic track that is a must-listen.

P.S.: Nakyung wishes she was Ariana Grande, but don’t we all?

7. Really Really – Cherry Bullet

The K-pop D.Va’s are back with another bubbly mood-shifter track! It gets you in the most ecstatic of spirits with its video-game-esque blaring synths & soaring high vocals. The music video features the members in a completely new video game setting in which they turn virtual hearts into cherries.

It is a refreshing iced tea of a track and music video!

8. Picky Picky – Weki Meki

Weki Meki seem to know the secret sauce that makes a song summer worthy.

“Picky Picky” is accompanied by a flashy and bright music video which portrays the members as different school girl tropes. The electronic dance beats provide for an addictive chorus with the repetition of the line “I’m so picky picky picky” which embeds itself into your brain.

“Picky Picky” is one of the most sizzling summer tracks of this year that definitely needed to be on this list.

9. Beautiful Days – Lovelyz

This summer, Lovelyz provided us with a light sounding track filled with sweet harmonies and accompanied by a breezy dream-like music video. It is a nostalgic trip and a gorgeously upbeat slice of melancholy.

The music video shows the girls reminiscing about their “beautiful days” of the past and recalling happy memories in a bright summer afternoon. This is more on the mature side compared to their previous releases but it still manages to incorporates Lovelyz’s feminine charm.

10. SSFWL – Oh My Girl

“The Fifth Season (SSFWL)” is an odd track and music video—despite being released in summer, the M/V promotes a wintry theme, the song promotes a Shoujo anime feel, and the title promotes the idea of love as the fifth season.

In spite of that, it manages to slide into our tracks of the summer as it is a wonderfully executed piece of pop-art.

11. Oh! Oh! – Berry Good

“Oh! Oh!” is another sweet summer song that features fulfilling brass instrumentation in an overall fun and upbeat instrumental. The track is quintessential for summer as the girls sing fruity verses on top of upbeat percussion that gets you dancing!

12. I’m So Pretty – Nature

K-pop has been promoting the idea of self-love recently and “I’m So Pretty” is the most recent addition to this glorious track anthology.

It is another brassy and confident track that reminds you of second-generation girl groups!

13. Uh-Oh – (G)I-DLE

(G)I-DLE’s latest release is a perfect summer song with a funky retro hip-hop vibe. To make this summer memorable, (G)I-DLE take us all the way back to the 90’s. This comeback proves (G)I-DLE’s versatility in terms of concept and sound and gives us an absolute summer banger to enjoy.

14. De-aeseohsta – Honey Popcorn

K-pop rookies Honey Popcorn made their comeback with their second mini-album De-aeseohsta this summer. “De-aeseohsta” is a magic spell meant to make someone fall in love. The name is very fitting as Honey Popcorn definitely made many fall for their charm with this warm feeling track accompanied by a flashy colourful video. 

The song has a refreshing and citrus-y vibe to it. “De-aeseohsta” is another self-love-themed anthem which encourages one to embrace and be content with their true self. And one that will definitely be on everyone’s summer playlist!

15. ICY – ITZY

ITZY are back with more confidence and sass than ever with their “Icy” comeback to cool us during this scorching summer.

The track is playful with a sense of emergency with the very unusual industrial and traffic sounds, the random beeps thrown in between, and the heavy synth sounds used as percussive effects. “They keep talking, I keep walking,” the girls sing over the state-of-the-art instrumental, which complements the feminist nature of the track.

The track is utterly rambunctious and, when coupled with the no-care comic book style animation of the music video, gives us a staggering comeback!

Girl Groups, KS DAILY

In conclusion, this summer has been full of absolute summer bangers which kept us cool through this sweltering heat. It was the girl groups that kept us going. The songs were accompanied with vibrant music videos bursting with colour, refreshing concepts, tropical sounds and a carefree attitude that made them feel like bottled sunshine!

Written by Skinnny and la_mort_pour_vous, two increasingly ardent Girl Group stans.

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