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A very unfortunate series of events unfolded when SNSD’s Taeyeon landed at the Incheon International Airport on the 5th of July.

At the time she was travelling to Hong Kong for her SBS Super Concert appearance and no one could have predicted the malicious nature of what would transpire.

Taeyeon, KS DAILY

As she was entering the Airport her managers surrounded her so the journalists and fans wouldn’t get into her personal space. As is often the case it was a hard fought battle between the 2 sides as journalists and fans alike were pushing each other and the managers just to get closer to Taeyeon…

What happened next is best explained through this tweet that has been circulating throughout the web.

The person in question is a journalist from a Hong Kong based news outlet RNX.

A disgusting thing for any person to do and especially since he also shouted at a person just doing her job… The person he grabbed was Taeyeon’s female manager which also brings into question the fact that he attacked the weakest of the multiple managers, this has also infuriated fans!

It also isn’t the first time such a thing has happened to Taeyeon at the airport, although this time it wasn’t directly towards her, fans have stepped out of bounds way too many times and it must have had a profound effect on her as it is a total disregard for another persons feelings… A terrible thing truly…

Taeyeon, KS DAILY

We hope Taeyeon and her managers are alright and this doesn’t effect them too much as horrible of a thing as it is…

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