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Hotel Del Luna, KS DAILY

“Hotel Del Luna” is a heart-tugging story that is comparable to, or even surpasses, the legendary Goblin.

IU ‘s performance in the fantasy drama has shown viewers a side of her they simply didn’t know exist; I will look forward to her future career as an amazing actress. For this short review, there will be a small summary of episode 1 to pique your interest in the drama so as to not spoil the story

Hotel Del Luna is an epic story about love, betrayal & redemption spread across time with IU as Jang Man-wol.

Man-wol has lived the past 1000 years running a hotel for dead spirits – the hotel is for spirits to fulfil any earthly desires before heading into the afterlife – due to her deep grudge on her first love Goo Chung-Myung (Lee Do-Hyun). He betrays her and she feels indebted to those who died due to trusting Goo Chung-Myung. She kills him and seeks the Guest House of the Moon so she could repay her sins.

While searching for the guest house, she is given special liquor by the diety Mago who makes her run the hotel to repent for her sins.

As fate would have it, due to her mastery of time, she will meet her past acquaintances, enemies and someone who will finally send her into the afterlife as her grudge and regret will finally be unravelled – but not before making her heart open up for love again.

Hotel Del Luna, KS DAILY

The drama contains amazing OSTs which must be shared. They are simply beautiful, poetic & romantic. Never have I cried this much while watching a K-Drama.

The drama series starts off with the young Koo Chan-sung (Kim Kang-hoon) together with his father Oh Ji-ho) by the Han river. His father seems loving of his son but he is unemployed and cashless. This is emphasized when a couple walks by who are unaware they dropped cash. The father quickly steps on the note to take it before the couple realise but Chan-sung is honest and immediately returns the cash to the couple.

A short while later, Mago appears as an old lady selling flowers. These flowers are a symbolism that Chan-sung’s fate is already being intertwined with Man-Wol. The scene ends with a woman’s body found in the river with emergency vehicles and divers salvaging her body, but her soul/spirit can be seen emerging from the river.

Hotel Del Luna, KS DAILY

In the next segment, we are being brought into Hotel Del Luna for the first time. It is a totally different beast than it was in the past; to humans it might look small but, in reality, it is a towering skyscraper for spirits. Man-wol can be seen with the hotel manager discussing whether to open the hotel for business as it is the full moon. (Spirits can see the hotel better during the full moon according to the hotel manager)

In the following scene, we can see Chan-Sung’s father running from the cops holding a bag. The scene transitions to him running away down a flight of stairs where he loses his footing and falls down the stairs. He gets back up but is unaware that his spirit/soul is separated from his body due to his body being damaged in a head injury.

After walking around in his spirit form, he comes across Hotel Del Luna which he has never seen before and sneaks in when the receptionist was busy sending a guest spirit up to the lobby.

He is not supposed to be there beccause his body is not dead yet and is caught for trying to steal an item from the hotel. He pleads to be spared when Man-Wol tries to kill him and sallows him to return to his body on the condition that he gives his son to Man-Wol after he reaches 20 years old.

Years go by and Chan-Sung is now a dreamy young man returning to Korea from America after heeding his father’s words to not return to Korea before reaching the age of 21.

Hotel Del Luna, KS DAILY

All this action and story is packed in just the very first episode. Words cannot simply give enough justice to how good this drama is. It is highly recommended to watch and you will be amazed on the roller coaster ride this drama will provide. The costumes that fit into the nation’s little sister are simply gorgeous and elegant. The director does an especially good job with the heart-tugging scenes between IU and the Yeo Jin Goo, coupled with the songs, which makes it a truly must-watch drama.

That is all for now or I will spoil the story for all you readers. Stay tuned for my future drama recommendations/reviews.

Hotel Del Luna, KS DAILY
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