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Jonghyun’s celebrity friends and members of his family took to social media to show their support for the late singer’s birthday.

Sodam, Jonghyun’s older sister, uploaded a cover of his song “Happy Birthday” that she sang herself, complete with a slight change in the lyrics to reflect better upon her brother.

It was uploaded on the YouTube of Shiny Foundation, the charity organization that Sodam and their mother established in Jonghyun’s name with hopes to help youth, specifically those without an entertainment agency, dealing with struggles in reaching their goals musically.. The foundation also aims to help fund scholarships for young people that are trying to become professional cultural artists as well as supporting the funding of psychological counseling and healing within the offices and schools. Currently, Shiny Foundation is in the works to construct a center for psychological counseling and curing.

Additionally, Jonghyun’s friends posted images of themselves with him on their social media, remembering his legacy and friendship.
SNSD’s Taeyeon and Rino Nakasone (a Japanese dancer and choreographer that also is known to be close with the members of SHINee) are among the handful that expressed these thoughts in their social media.

SHINee’s own Twitter account uploaded the member’s smiling image with a handful of hashtags relating to the singer’s birthday. Under it, many fans of Jonghyun and SHINee expressed their own birthday wishes as well as shared some of their thoughts and adoration for the man in various ways.

In addition to the close friends and family of Jonghyun wishing him well on his birthday this year, many Shawols all over the world have been celebrating through the week, including funding birthday ads for him in public areas (bus terminals, subway etc), holding small fan gatherings in various locations, and posting their love and continued praise of the man that changed so many lives with his voice and actions.

We all wish you the best of birthdays, Jonghyun jonghyun, KS DAILY

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