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The legal representative Yulchon LLC released an official statement on the 10th of May regarding the legal dispute Daniel is currently in with LM Entertainment. The statement reads as follows:


This is lawyer Yeom Yong Pyo of Yulchon LLC, the legal representative of singer Kang Daniel.

On March 19, Kang Daniel filed an injunction to the Seoul District Courts to suspend his exclusive contract with his agency, and on May 10, the courts have reached the verdict to accept his request. As a results of the Seoul District Courts’ decision to accept his request, Kang Daniel will be able to pursue independent activities as a celebrity.

The courts found that the joint business contract LM Entertainment signed with a third party on January 28, 2019 was a contract that transferred the majority of management rights for Kang Daniel to a third party. As Kang Daniel had not been contacted for prior consent, LM Entertainment’s actions not only went against the exclusive contract, but they also broke the trust that is the foundation of the exclusive contract. Therefore, it was decided that LM Entertainment’s actions made it difficult to maintain a relationship between the agency and Kang Daniel.

As a result, the exclusive contract between Kang Daniel and LM Entertainment has been suspended, and LM Entertainment must not interfere in Kang Daniel’s activities, and they must not negotiate or sign contracts on his behalf or require him to pursue activities on their behalf.

However, the legal dispute may not be over as LM Entertainment responded to the court rulings by stating, ‘We plan to appeal the decision.’ “

Kang Daniel, KS DAILY

Additional, Daniel wrote a personal letter to his fans on his instagram

“Dear fans,
For my fans who have been waiting for over 3 months, I want to tell you the news myself. Without the support and attention you’ve given me, I wouldn’t have been able to be so brave. During this long, long period of silence, I read each and every one of your cheers, I endure all this time touched and crying over your warmth and faith towards me.

I could have made compromises, it would have been easier and faster, but I want to show you by going the right way, even if I was going slowly.
Thank you so much to all the fans who believed in my actions and my thoughts. Now I will be the one giving you all that back. I will come with a great song, on the precious stage you have given me.

Please look forward to Kang Daniel, the new rookie singer! Once again, thank you from the bottom of my heart!
From, Daniel.”

We hope that Daniel can move onward and let his career bloom in the future following his departure from LM Entertainment.

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1 year ago

Finally! I’m so happy for him!