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The ex-member of JBJ has grown out of his group days and shown through his past few comeback a completely new side—a sexier side is the best way to describe it. With D-Hours AM 7:03, Kim Donghan once again impresses with his dancing and singing abilities.

Kim Dong Han, KS DAILY

01. “Bebe”

Unlike most albums, “Bebe” is not necessarily an intro song as it does not give off that vibe.

The chorus itself is a nice part of the song as it really does catch the listener’s attention well. Every “pureo” and “Pull Up” is well accentuated and does not feel overused. Even though Donghan’s vocal range is not very large, his high notes sound very pleasant and are not overly screechy.

The song has a deep and slow bass that is supposed to show off a mellow sound but at times sounds very prolonged and unnecessarily slow. The prechoruses are quite plain with the exception of the final bridge where Donghan’s use of his unique vocals pulls you back into the song. “Bebe” is okay song all in all, with its moments but also flaws.

Rating: 5.0/10

02. “Focus”

Focus brings out a lot from Donghan, not only in the sense of musical compatibility but a good showcase of his dancing.

The song manages to emphasize his sexy, somewhat quiet singing style with a louder synth melody that uses a lot of background sounds to keep the flow of the song running smoothly. The way his voice was edited during the chorus seems that the song was made to fit his vision instead of the other way around.

As the title implies, the song also gets you to “focus” with its soft beat as well as clapping and a constantly switching synth. However, the song falls short due to the repetitive nature of chorus as the same melody is repeated many times throughout the song which might make it feel stale for some listeners even after the first listen.

Rating: 8.5/10

Kim Dong Han, KS DAILY

03. “Make Me Crazy”

With “Make Me Crazy,” Donghan follows the mellow sound he has had throughout the album with more synths and a more groovy guitar rift. But the guitar cannot save an entire song: the verses between choruses are a bit lacking as they do not have enough happening in them to keep the listener interested.

As a chill song, it does its job; however, it has a upbeat chorus does not exactly fit with the chill sound. The chorus itself is quite creative and utilizes both Donghan’s high vocal range and the fantastic guitar rift for a very satisfactory feeling.

Objectively speaking, “Make Me Crazy” is not a bad song but it has a sort of identity crisis as it does not know what it wants to do with the listener.

Rating: 6.0/10

04. “Everyday, Everyday”

After many synth-dominated songs, the tempo lowers quite a bit with a soft ballad. The song itself is not highly complex: it is a basic ballad utilizing the singer’s voice to its fullest with him definitely showing off what he can do. “Everyday, Everyday” is not supposed to be a flashy song and it delivers its point across with a euphonious flow of music.

If you can enjoy a ballad and do not expect much from it, it is safe to say this might be up your alley. If not, skip it.

Review: 7.5/10

05. “Idea”

My favorite song from this album, “Idea” has a very exotic vibe that it feels like it was heavily influenced by a different culture, which makes the sound so much more appealing especially compared to the rest of the album. The instrument used during the chorus might be off-putting for some but you get used to it after a few listens.

A very important thing to note is the way in which the song utilizes the small number of words as it lets the melody shine even more than usually by only using Donghan’s voice to switch up the sound at that specific moment.

Every time he says “Idea” it etches itself into your brain a little bit more until your left wanting to listen to it again. A very effective earworm song.

Rating: 9.0/10

Kim Dong Han, KS DAILY

Donghan’s album is decent, with 2 stellar songs and 3 that are alright, not special but definitely not bad. Part of it might be due to how many times I have listened to the album but that shows its longevity.

Overall Rating:

Kim Dong Han, KS DAILY
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