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The underrated girl group Limesoda has made their new comeback with “Wave.”

“Wave” is EDM-based track that expresses the feelings of love, as love starts off as small vibrations and transforms into big emotions. It conveys the message of love is like a wave. The track features the member’s strong and distinctive voices along with an addictive hook.

Limesoda debuted under D Maker Entertainment on July 12, 2017, with the digital single “ZZZ.” They originally were a duo with members Seungji and Hyerim. The twosome had their first official comeback with “All Eyez on Me” in 2018.

LIMESODA went on a hiatus for a year before returning with a new member Jangmi, who was added to the group earlier this year to make a trio. Jangmi debuted with LIMESODA in their latest digital single, “Wave.”

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