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The day Filipino Monbebes have been waiting for has allegedly arrived. For the first time since 2016, Monsta X will return to the country.

Today Klook Travel announced that Monsta X would be the main guest for the company’s second birthday celebration. Weki Meki were also said to be attending. However, many fans were startled at the details of the event.

The showcase is set for September 7th, which is less than three weeks away. Tickets will be going on sale in a few hours, barely a day after the announcement. Not only is that a short time frame, but the price is another sticking point.

Prices and accessibility are an issue

One ticket is ₱12,500, or approximately $239. Some have noted that this is nearly the same price as an Ultimate VIP ticket for Monsta X’s world tour. Benefits, if any, have not been announced. Many fans expressed their inability to afford such a steep price in such a short period of time. Tickets are also only available through the Klook app, and each person can purchase up to five. Furthermore, as the event only lasts two hours and will include two groups, many find the price unacceptable.

These issues alone will severely limit the amount of fans who can attend, but are far from the only problems. The venue itself is incredibly small, not handicap accessible, and standing room only. Pregnant women and those with medical conditions are not allowed in the standing area. Below is a layout provided on Twitter by Klook, showing that there is no area for anyone who cannot stand.

monsta x, KS DAILY

Subsequently, for Filipino Monbebes who have been waiting for years for Monsta X to return, it’s a frustrating situation. The venue’s low capacity means most fans will not be able to attend, and there are concerns that celebrities will get preferential treatment over fans themselves.

What about Weki Meki?

As for Ki-Ling, this event’s announcement alone has been disappointing. The majority of the promotional materials only mention Monsta X. There is no mention of Weki Meki at all in Klook’s pinned tweet or any other tweets about the event. No photo was not included, and the only references to the girl group at all are in a single image touting the event’s highlights.

monsta x, KS DAILY

While Weki Meki may not have the fanbase that Monsta X does, the sheer amount of disrespect and lack of promotion is appalling. Both groups work equally hard, and female groups are, unfortunately, often under-promoted in favor of their male counterparts.

As it stands, this event, if it happens, is shaping up to be a huge disappointment for fans of both groups. While a few may get to briefly see their idols, many more will be left out due to the seemingly rushed and incredibly poor planning by the event’s organizers. We can only hope they take the feedback they’ve been given and strive to do better.

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1 year ago

This is like K-pop knight London, I went still but only got a few songs out of Monsta X and saw artists I wasn’t that interested in. Also I spent so much money but on the day they were giving away free tickets because not enough people brought tickets.