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Monsta X’s international PR team is in hot waters with fans also known as Monbebe after it has come to light that they seemingly cannot properly identify the group’s members.

An astute fan on Twitter brought the issue to light after noticing something odd about this seemingly innocuous promotional tweet:

The tweet reads, “If this tweet gets 100K likes, #JOOHONEY will do another #WHODOULOVE dance video,” complete with group & member hashtags. There’s just one problem: no dance video of Joohoney had been posted in the first place. The only member dance video posted was of Wonho, shown below.

Wonho’s ‘Who Do U Love’ dance video

While the clip is properly tagged, it doesn’t mean much to the fans who are angry. This wouldn’t be the first time their social media team have confused Wonho and Joohoney. The following are promotional images from a Facebook messenger event.

As we were working on this story, however, the suspicion was confirmed after a photo was posted to the group’s Twitter and Instagram accounts. Included are hashtags identifying Wonho and Kihyun as the photo’s subjects. In actuality, it’s a picture of Wonho and Shownu performing their ‘Mirror’ unit stage. The posts were deleted not long after.

Monsta x, KS DAILY
Screenshot of a tweet posted to Monsta X’s official twitter account. Wonho is on the left, and Shownu, misidentified as Kihyun, on the right.

As for the original tweet thread, you can view that here:

These aren’t the only issues with Monsta X’s international team

This is just the latest in a series of upsetting moves by their international team. Since the announcement that the group had signed to Epic Records, their social media presence has changed drastically. In addition to the group’s usual Korean promotional team activity and group members posts, their social media is being overrun with out of touch attempts at fan engagement.

Monsta x, KS DAILY

The above example was taken from one of the group’s instagram stories. It seems the PR team is trying to market the group like a tween magazine would, versus in tune with the incredibly diverse age range most kpop fandoms tend to have. In addition, while international fans often call for more content in English, they generally mean relevant updates, articles, and perhaps translations of member posts, not childish polls and like baiting.

It’s not simply a PR problem

In addition to their PR team, Monsta X’s international manager, Eshy Gazit, has also been criticized for his handling of the group. Formerly the manager for BTS, since taking charge of Monsta X, complaints have been piling up. Just last month an article published by The Korea Herald’s KPop Herald was edited after fans took to Twitter, upset with some of its content. They suggested Mr. Gazit’s statements were xenophobic, and made it seem as if he was trying to strip the group of their Kpop identity. Below are screenshots of two versions of the article. On the left, the original, on the right, the edited version. The highlighted text is the content that was removed.

During the group’s iHeartRadio Jingle Ball dates last year, Mr. Gazit was heavily criticized for multiple alleged failures in management. In one instance, L.A. radio DJ JoJo Wright tweeted Monsta X’s flight arrival information. Mr. Gazit then quoted the tweet, encouraging fans to show up at the airport.

Monsta x, KS DAILY

Not only is this unprofessional, it’s also dangerous for both fans and idols. This is something he should be keenly aware of, considering the amount of issues BTS experienced with fans packing airports during his tenure as their manager.

After all of this, who can blame Monbebes for urging Starship Entertainment to reconsider their choice of international representation for Monsta X? How can you expect their team to properly promote a group if they can’t manage the basics such as identifying members and not releasing information that could cause issues? Whatever the outcome, one thing is clear: something has to change.

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Monbebe reacted negatively towards the PR team’s current strategy because we care about Monsta X. I hope the PR team hears our feedback and improve. Monsta X is getting a bigger audience now and stupid mistakes are inexcusable. Furthermore, I hope they won’t brand Monsta X as a boy group for “boy crazy teenagers” because their appeal is more than that. People of all ages and genders like their music. Don’t put them in a box. I also want the PR team to stop using the members’ names in a way that promotes toxic stereotypes for fangirls like the “cute… Read more »


I am sure with all the buzz the fans are making, the management will do something about it soon.


Bless you for this. We appreciate your time and effort!


Thank you so much for this well written article! You covered literally all our grievances and we are very happy to get our concerns out there. I really hope Starship fires Eshy. He tried to act like he was the sole reasom for BTS’ success and i really don’t want that to happen to Monsta X.


Wow, that pissed me off and I don’t even stan.


Well, he hasn’t stopped. After the mistakes he put his account on private because he didn’t want upset fans tweeting him, he blocked people, then if had the audacity to put his profile on public to tweet “to whom it may concern” that he isn’t in charge of the PR team nor is he the one writing those posts that “he knows them personally” and we should “respect his privacy”. Then put his profile back to private. Monbebes of course took screenshots of the post. He’s pathetic.

Lynn J

This story makes me cry. The boys work so hard. To have someone paid to represent them do so badly makes them look bad. Thank you for bringing this out in the open and hopefully the management will get this fixed for the group. Personally, I prefer Kpop in Korean. I didn’t bond with the music because it was in English and honestly, I feel kind of awkward when it is. Not sure why but I do.


Monsta X sings in Japanese too so English shouldn’t be any different. Both are foreign languages to the artist. Saying Japanese is okay because it’s Asian is a poor generalization. Language is language and it is just one aspect of their music. Monsta X singing in various languages is just like how they experiment with various genres or sounds. If they chose to sing in English, I trust them to do their best as usual and I will support them.


I would encourage the new management to 1) Learn their clients names and faces. They are looking ignorant and racist. None of these men look even remotely alike. 2) Double check everything. 3) Study how the client is being promoted in korea then modify for u.s. if needed. 4) Learn about Monbebes and our connection to MonstaX. We are every age, race and all of us are quite astute. We will protect and defend MonstaX and they will do the same. 5) Respect their clients. The road to being an idol is not for the weak. They didnt give up… Read more »

Yassmine Jbilou

I am extremely angry towards the mockery that this PR team perverised Monsta X with. This team defeats Monsta X ‘s real image and makes them look like an arrogant/pretentious boy group. A lot of monbebes already contacted Starship Entertaiment ( the angencie) to solve this problem. Monsta X didn’t go through all those hard obstacles and challenges to be treated in such a way! Get an another international team already! If not, this team will still make Monsta x look foolish, and most likely, fans will start to hate on them. We would never want that to happen. Please,… Read more »