Last Updated on May 18, 2020 by Christina

Its been almost 2 years since i started kpopsource & its been a roller-coaster ride for me since day one. From knowing nothing about running a forum & website, i think i’ve been doing a decent job at it thus far together with the rest of the staff team, while many others have given up after awhile, here we are still going at it thanks to the tremendous support we have from our community members, without whom we couldn’t have possibly continued on.

I am glad to have known all of the staff members of kpopsource who each has their own unique personality. Thanks to them we are able to produce unique contents or keep the forum safe for all members of our community.

I am sure some of you were annoyed when i broke the forum from time to time & i am truly sorry for that. I started the forum from scratch without knowing anybody online but the amount of support i received over the years have made me truly committed into making kpopsource a truly global forum. I know its been slow but i do not have the deep pockets that some community owners have so i am trying by doing it the slow way, maybe some day that will change when i get promoted in my job & i can truly begin investing heavily on kpopsource but that would bring about another whole load of issues with keeping our forum safe & troll free. One day we will reach there together.

Just wanted to write this down and share it with everyone, i’ll try to write more of these if possible.

PS – We are working very hard still to bring out new features for everyone.

Stay safe everyone.

Signing Out.


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The article reads as a farewell text. Save for your last lines, I was thinking this was a resignation note.


I was just out of creativity to write a nice comment :T