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NCT 127 is the second sub-unit and Seoul-based unit of the South Korean boy group NCT. The unit debuted on July 7, 2016 . Their name is a combination of the acronym for Neo Culture Technology which is their meaning for their unlimited members, and the number 127, which represents the longitudinal coordinate of Seoul.

The group released their fourth EP titled “We are Superhuman” on 24th May 2019, which includes the lead single “Superhuman” and five other tracks.

01.Highway to Heaven

This is what we call a feel-good song! “Highway to Heaven” is a vocal heavy song with very calm and smooth instrumentals, a perfect dreamy song to start off an album. Doyoung, Haechan and Taeil do a great job with providing ‘heavenly’ vocals, and the rap was also very smooth and blended well with the song.

This song definitely sounds more mature than NCT 127’s usual style, and it is the perfect album opener to create anticipation about what the rest of the album will sound like.

Rating- 9/10

02. Superhuman

Although NCT are well-known for having a heavy bassline in their title tracks, such futuristic-sounding instrumentals were very new. The track has an electronic vibe with well-arranged vocal and rap parts and interesting transitions. The vocal parts before the chorus by Haechan and Doyoung were very well executed. The most interesting and addicting part was the bridge of the song, which starts with soft vocals and then the rap part by Mark and Johnny, a break, and then a vocal build up to the chorus. The whole bridge sounds magical and soothing at first but then leaves you pumped up at the end till the end of the chorus. One downside of this track is that it is very long and sounds a little stretched towards the end but still has a very unexpected end.



“Fool” is a laid-back track with subtle instrumentals and a relaxed vibe. The chorus is harmonious with soft vocals. The bridge is small and consists of mumble rapping.The length of the song is quite less and makes it feel a little incomplete. But it sure is a nice and soft addition to the album.


04.Jet Lag

“Jet Lag” is a simple yet beautiful track. The instrumentals start simply with just a piano and some finger snaps. The best thing about this song are the soft yet emotional vocals. The melody line is beautiful with Doyoung’a and Taeil’s amazing vocals. The rap parts suit the song well and it ends beautifully with a small rap part by Mark. The instrumentals were a little plain and generic but the overall vibe of the song was very soothing.


05. Paper Plane

A fun pop song which will definitely make you want to dance! The build up before the chorus is nice and the chorus has a subtle electronic drop which feels just sufficient. The vocals and the song have a very magical feel to it. The lyrics are pretty good and well suited as well. This song can sound a bit monotonic as there are not much variations present throughout the song.


06. Outro: We Are 127

A very new and experimental sound. It mostly consists of electronic dub step instrumentals with some interesting sounds and whispers. IT gives off a very futuristic feel like the Title Track Superhuman yet sounds quite different and a little more dramatic. It is very short in length though and will probably make you crave for more.A very nice finish to the album!


This new album by NCT 127 shows us that the unit can pull off various types of sounds very effectively. From beautiful and powerful vocals to to groovy rap parts, the boys seem to ace it all! It is a very experimental album which is something we can always anticipate from NCT.

Overall Rating:


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