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ANS ‘Angel N Soul’ (under the same named company ANS Entertainment) is a new 6 member Girlgroup on the horizon!
Members: Dami, Lina, Raon, Royeon, Bian and Dalyn!

ANS already gained attention with their pre-debut single ‘Wonderland’ which was released ~3 weeks ago.

A sweet summery song, perfect for the end of summer.

You might notice that ‘Wonderland’ only consists of 5 members.
Thumbnail left to right | Dalyn, Lina, Bian, Dami, Royeon
The 6th member Raon got added shortly after.

On the 1st of this month, September, they began teasing their debut single ‘BOOM BOOM’.


And additionally, individual concept teasers for each of the members + a MV Teaser

Dalyn showing off her sporty side with a skip rope and boxing skills.
Lina showing her creativity while adding graffiti to their logo.
Bian’s visuals are highlighted as her make-up is being done and her cool side while riding a motorcycle.
Royeon’s handiness is put in spotlight as she finishes a big metal dog head.
Dami shows off her drumming skills.
Raon’s good eye for photography is being put forth.
Two strong but different sounds make their debut even more interesting to look forward to.

According to their release schedule


There are 3 more concept images to be released, possibly as a unit of 2 for each of them!

For more information you can follow their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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