Last Updated on June 8, 2020 by Cosmic

N.Flying’s album Fly High Project #3 has surpassed 25,000 physical copies!

As of May 18, the album records 27,548 copies on Hanteo, and the numbers are likely even higher for Gaon’s chart. This is the first time N.Flying has achieved this milestone; prior albums averaged 5,000 copies on Gaon.

Fly High Project #3 contains N.Flying’s latest single “Spring Memories,” as well as the previously released “Rooftop” and “Like a Flower,” and three other album tracks.

N.Flying’s latest track “Spring Memories”

Ever since “Rooftop” unexpectedly topped the charts earlier this year, N.Flying has gained more fans and greater visibility among the Korean public.

Hopefully N.Flying will continue to release great music and reach new heights!

N.Flying’s hit single “Rooftop”
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