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“Out-of-box-thinking K-pop Idol reality TV show” will dominate your Tuesday night.

The first episode of the reality tv show of “high-end rookie idol” OnlyOneOf, produced by M2, was released on October 1st. 

CJ E&M Music’s Digital studio M2 released the first episode of ‘OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love’ through their Mnet channel on October 1st, Tuesday, 8PM KST. Each episode will also be released on an official Youtube channel of M2 one hour later at 9PM.

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The title itself, “Unlocking Love”, is flabbergasting. It outrightly confronts the conventional wisdom of “dating prohibition” for K-pop idols. 

“OnlyOneOf” is a 7-member K-pop boy group debuted this May, produced by Jaden Jeong, a celebrity creative director who produced multiple globally successful K-pop idols and musicians including but not limited to 2PM, Infinite and Nell. 

The reality TV show ‘OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love’ is differentiated with previously broadcasted K-pop idol reality TV shows in multiple aspects. The show intends to maximize the excitements with the tool of liberating ever-believed-wisdom in K-pop industry of “dating prohibition.” It also stands out from its peer K-pop idol reality TV shows in that the entire episodes of the show have coherent overarching story-line that engages K-pop fans throughout the different episodes from the beginning to the end.

The producer of the reality TV show elaborated that the concept of dating simulation will provide the sense of higher level of engagement and interaction between the fans and the artist, expected to provide distinguished user experience to fans, compared to other conventional K-pop idol reality TV shows.

The show covers the progress of 7 individuals of OnlyOneOf grow as sweet and adorable “Real-life-boyfriend idol”, as opposed to their impactful and sexy concept as artists on the stage. The show will layout the gradual progress of members of OnlyOneOf gaining masculinity and becoming attractive dating materials throughout the show.

The first episode has covered a 1-on-1 dating mission with an actress Yuna Park, who recently won recognition through multiple mega-hit K-dramas such as “SKY Castle (2018)” and “Hotel Del Luna (2019).” The teaser video includes the first confrontation between the OnlyOneOf Members and Yuna Park, which created interesting atmosphere which left the curiosity of how the story of the entire show will flow.

Check out the first episode of OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love

‘OnlyOneOf: Unlocking Love’ is aired on Mnet, every Tuesday at 8PM KST. 

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