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After the accusations in the Burning Sun scandal, the police were supposed to apprehend Seungri, but seeing as the Seoul Central District Court dismissed the arrest warrant, he will stay free for the time being.

The court Judge Shin Jong-yeol said:
“There’s room to dispute the main suspicion of embezzlement. It’s also difficult to acknowledge a reason for detention, such as potential destruction of evidence, for the other suspicions.”

This is just one more suspicious undertaking in the situation these celebrities have gotten into. From denying the accusations to almost being arrested, Seungri seems to be stuck in an endless chase without an end in sight, especially since the evidence against him has not been ruled sufficient enough to warrant his arrest.

The police have accused those involved with various offenses, from prostitution to embezzlement. Seungri himself has supposedly embezzled money from the nightclub Burning Sun and arranged prostitutes for clients.

It seems like a dubious state of affairs, as all of the involved persons hardly corroborate one another. Hopefully solid evidence will arise.

seungri, KS DAILY

Seungri and Jung Joon-young both offered public apologies after the news broke out, but these apologies did little to repair what damage their actions have caused in the eyes of their fans.

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