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On May 18, Channel A News revealed that Seungri underwent an arrest warrant exam, which took place on May 14. Although he had not acknowledged these charges in the past, he eventually conceded to engaging in prostitution.

Seungri originally claimed that Yoo In-seok introduced a woman to him, and he had not known that she was paid for as a prostitute. The police also denied the prostitution charges twice.

During the arrest warrant exam, Seungri confessed that he had paid for the prostitute. He said, “As a celebrity, I could not admit to prostitution,” and is currently reflecting on his actions.

In regards to other allegations, Seungri denied the charges, emphasizing that he has not solicitated prostitutes for clients or embezzled money from the club Burning Sun.

Seungri, KS DAILY
Channel A News reports on the situation

Earlier this week, the court dismissed an arrest warrant for Seungri on grounds of insufficient evidence. However, the police plan to move forward with the prosecution next week.

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