Last Updated on June 8, 2020 by Cosmic

SF9, Astro, The Boyz and CIX showed up for the ‘IDOL COVER DANCE CHALLENGE’ with some of their best dancers as they all coordinated to make an awesome performance together.

Astro’s Jin Jin, Sanha and Rocky were clad in sexy red showing off their innate sexiness throughout.

SF9’s Chani, Taeyang and Youngbin, unlike the others, were not color coordinated but instead went for similar outfits they had during ‘Enough’, they still rocked it as they always do though. It also allowed their dancing to shine even brighter.

The Boyz’s Jacob, Q and Hakyeon wore white while their new hair colors shone bright and put them in the spotlight individually.

CIX’s Hyunsuk, Jinyoung and Seunghun were all-black with a similar style to Astro but with a lot more… collarbone showing of their stellar physique as well as their soft touch.

One of the highlights

All of the boys performed well and we hope to see this kind of performance on a music show as well for it to stay etched into the history of K-Pop.

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