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This will be one of our first Album Reviews on the KS Blog and we hope you enjoy it. We will continue to do similar types of reviews as we move forward.

SF9’s Burning Sensation is a criminally underrated album so we wanted to give it some love by showing some of our thoughts on it, hopefully we will get to do some of the newer albums soon.


01. “Tell Me What It Is”

A pretty interesting listen, by the length of the song, I assume it’s like an intro of sorts.

The part at the beginning with only synth does sound a bit stretched but as soon as the bridge comes in it start to draw more attention. The vocals were decent both at the bridge and the chorus.

The best thing about this song is the rapping, which is really strong especially the bits in between the choruses. I definitely wish it lasted a bit longer tho.

Rating: 7.0/10

02. “Roar”

Woah! This was really enjoyable. The beginning unfortunately wasn’t really anything special, but as soon as the rap before the chorus starts everything changes, Zuho and Youngbin do a very good job.

The song gets repetitive at certain parts but there is still enough variation during the chorus and the bridge to keep it interesting. The vocals were great for a hip-hop focused song, but there was nothing extraordinary about it.

The best thing about this was the part at the bridge with the drums and then the baseline developing with the rap. It is the catchiest part of the song. The ending once again sounds a bit stretched.

Rating: 8.5/10

03.Still My Lady

A slow song!! The song was placed perfectly after two hype songs, the melody line was decent, a very common thing though.

It was a nice addition but sadly it did not really have something particularly interesting going on, and sounded like any other pop ballad. The vocals again were decent, nothing really stood out, and the bridge was again, uninteresting, same with the lyrics… not really something i would add to my playlist.

Rating: 6/10

04. “Shut Up N’ Lemme Go

The beginning sounded like we were gonna have another generic pop ballad but thankfully that was not it, the rap before the chorus kicks in and the chorus with dub-step drops. The “shut up and let me go” line was quite addicting honestly, and the vocal were really soft and smooth.

The chorus of the song made it memorable and worth listening. It is the kind of song you would suddenly remember in middle of exam but you will probably forget afterwards (In a kinda positive way).

Rating: 7/10


05.4 Step

Okay so, a funky and groovy song! Most of the parts were quite typical though and the electric guitar again, pretty generic… the pre-chorus was the only really interesting part of the song with the nice vocals which were a little unexpected seeing as the previous songs did not show much of them.

Other than that the song did not do anything special to be completely honest.

Rating: 6/10

06. Jungle Game

A song with jump-style drop? This is new…. the distorted synths were actually pretty well matched in the background.

This track was definitely a breath of fresh air as compared to the other side tracks. The post chorus drop was very typical though. The build up before the drop was also pretty generic and the vocals were decent. But I can see myself playing this song at a party sometimes.

The end of the song was really very abrupt and just bad though, I was hoping for a different ending like fading out instead of abruptly stopping the flow the song already built up.

Rating: 7/10 (0.5 extra for trying out something new at least)


The mini was decent but lacked variations and didn’t have much interesting going on both musically and vocally. The rapping parts were pretty well done though. The lyrics were decent enough but again nothing really stood out. 

Final Rating

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