Knowing Brother

Also known as: Knowing Bros, Ask Us Anything, A Hyung I Know
Genre: Reality television
Writer: Jeong Yun-hui, Yoo Ji-hui, Hwang Seon-yeong, Choi Ji-yeong, Lee Ji-yeong, Jeon Min-hee, Kim Yeo-won
Director: Choi Chang-soo, Jeong Seung-il, Yun Yeo-jun, Mun Min-jeong, Go Hye-jin, Heo Seo-mun
Creative director: Yeo Un-hyeok
Host: Kang Ho-dong, Seo Jang-hoon, Kim Young-chul, Lee Soo-geun, Min Kyung-hoon, Kim Hee-chul, Lee Sang-min
Runtime: Saturday
Country: South Korea

Knowing Bros (Hangul: 아는 형님; RR: Aneun Hyeongnim) is a South Korean television entertainment program distributed by JTBC every Saturday at 11:00 pm, starting from December 12, 2015

The show consists of several segments. The main segment is "Guess About Me", where the guests present questions about themselves to the cast members (ex. "What have I been obsessed with lately?"). The cast members must attempt to answer the questions correctly in an effort to get to know the guests better. If their answers are completely off, the guests have the option to punish them.

The cast also takes questions sent in from viewers and tries to answer them to the best of their abilities through dialogue or experimentation. Cast members have to answer with their own style, using everything (body and brain) to find the solution to the viewers' questions.

Sometimes a viewer is brought out at the end of the show. They will have been secretly watching the show the whole day to decide who was the least funny or helpful. Once they decide, the chosen cast member or guest is punished.

The episodes may also feature one of the following corners:

    "Three No's" skit (No Concept, No Basis, No Script), during which the recurring cast takes turns acting out a skit with the guests. The basic topic of the skit is prearranged and includes a challenging situation, however, the entire skit is ad-libbed (for example, the episode featuring Red Velvet, where a father had to deal with troublesome daughters).
    "Physical Education" is a special activities time (for example, Episode 26 features "Korean class", where the students at the school pick a partner and write a poem together).
    "Let's Play" is a time of games and challenges as chosen by the guests. Sometimes they guests show a personal talent, and the cast members must compete against the guests to see who is better (for example, Episode 28, they played "Getting origami paper").
    "Music Time" (Jonghyun's game), The guest or cast member sings the first one or two characters (words) of a song and the others must guess the song.

During these segments, the talk is informal and "banmal" (informal language) is used by everyone on the show, regardless of their age or seniority (disregarding Korea's strict seniority rules with spoken language). The informal talk also encourages the guests and cast to interact with each other as students often do, leading them to tease one another and even insult each other for the sake of comedy.