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Sulli’s solo debut teaser for the single

Sulli has released her single “Goblin”!

The track is a bit reminiscent of f(x)’s very own “Shadow” off of the “Pink Tape” album, with the glistening glockenspiel and music box sounds, with sections of a very joyful-sounding piano interspersed in between. It is a soft-sounding, playful track which provides a drasting contrast to the lyrics which talk about how people view Sulli. It deals with avant-pop sensibilities and reminds one of the work of Western artists like Melanie Martinez and Cocorosie. It’s an intriguing artistic direction and we can’t wait to hear from Sulli in the future.

There are two other tracks on her debut solo EP, namely “On The Moon” and “Dorothy”, which further showcase Sulli continuing f(x)’s legacy of serving thought-provoking and stimulating pop in a repetitive industry which focuses on catchiness, rather than artistic appeal. Sulli has participated in writing lyrics of all the three songs in the EP.

The M/V has an uncanny storyline which portrays Sulli as a victim of dissociative disorder who imagines herself with three other people.

Watch the M/V below.

the official MV of Sulli’s solo debut “Goblin”

Three teasers were released for it prior to releasing the M/V. You can watch them below.

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