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The VMA’s recently released the nominee list for the award show and in a unexpected turn of events a new category emerged called ‘Best KPop’. Some of the most popular international groups were nominated for the award.

You can see the list of nominees in down below!

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BLACKPINK’s ‘Kill This Love’ that took the world by storm when it was released and continues to rack up views and sales steadily. In a way it confirmed that BLACKPINK were the girl group to be in the current generation.

BTS’s ‘Boy with Luv’ started off a new chapter of BTS’s story and made every ARMY want to jump out of their seat. With it’s cheery vibe and the inclusion of Halsey that only serves to make the song better BTS hit a home run once again!

EXO’s ‘Tempo’ brought the universally loved EXO back into the spotlight after a long waiting period and showed us that they weren’t even close to being done. Nothing can mess up their tempo and they proved it!

kpop, KS DAILY

Monsta X’s ‘Who Do U Love’ serves as their first foray into the English/American market and shows off a very sexy side of the boys while also keeping it grounded with a melo tune and, as expected, great singing.

NCT 127’s ‘Regular’ sought to bring NCT onto the English as well as Korean scene with a bang and establish them as the future of K-Pop and a group everyone should keep an eye out for. With it’s smooth vibe and simple melody it gets stuck in your head.

TXT’s ‘Cat & Dog’ with it’s cuteness and unique concept highlighted a bit of the crazy and adorable side of K-Pop and everything it bring with it. It also differentiated TXT from their next-gen competitors and got them many fans in the process!

kpop, KS DAILY

All of these songs have their unique style and are obviously a sign of how popular K-Pop has been getting in recent times especially internationally. We hope the artists can experience the same level of success in the future too.

Which songs are your pick out of these? And would you maybe add some other nominees?

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