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The K-Hip hop scene just got a collaboration worth millions with Sik-K, Beenzino, The Quiett and CHANGMO working together to bring us what can only be described as a showcase of the art of rapping.

Changmo, KS DAILY
Beenzino rapping and flexing

After Beenzino was discharged from the military this February many were expecting a grand comeback for the famous rapper. And he delivered! This week especially as he released his own track “OKGO” and this collaboration just continues on his strong showing.

Beenzino isn’t the only one expected to have a strong showing as each of these rappers has been quite busy recently from world tours to other collaborations and features!

The song starts with an eerie tune and then jumps to a standard hip-hop beat as the rapping starts.Each rapper turns it up a notch, as expected from some of the biggest names in Korean rap. And each keeps you hooked with their unique style and charm. The track is really worth the listen! Don’t take my word for it though, listen to it yourself!

In the end they leave us with a message “We are the fearless ones”

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1 year ago

Such a great song, I love it <3

Although I didn't expect any less from these 4, especially together.