Last Updated on June 8, 2020 by Cosmic

JYP Entertainment has announced the termination Yoon Seo Bin’s contract. The 21-year-old trainee was a contestant in Mnet’s survival show Produce X 101 and ranked highly in the first episode.

JYP Entertainment emphasized that Yoon Seo Bin’s behavior does not adhere to the company’s policies, which is why his contract has been terminated. This is after JYP Entertainment investigated rumors of Yoon’s past, including bullying of classmates and underage drinking and smoking.

The rumors originally surfaced online when alleged classmates of Yoon posted about his behavior and actions.

Amid the controversy, Mnet confirmed Yoon Seo Bin’s departure from Produce X 101. In order to not affect other participants, Mnet will limit Yoon’s screen time on the show.

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