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Treasure 13 will not debut this July, according to a recent report.

The 13-member boy group, formed during YG Entertainment’s survival show Treasure Box (2018), was expected to make their highly anticipated debut in 2019 between May and July, but these plans have been put on hold.

Treasure 13, KS DAILY

Yang Hyun-suk was originally in charge of preparing Treasure 13’s debut, but amid the ongoing prostitution scandal and suspicions of his involvement, he withdrew from his position in YG Entertainment. With this sudden resignation of the group’s producer, Treasure 13’s debut plans were disrupted and have since been suspended indefinitely.

Furthermore, the group’s social media accounts have not been updated with any preview images and clips since late May.

YG Entertainment has no comment on this matter.

This is not the first promise that the company has failed to follow through on⁠—recently, YG Entertainment cancelled the debut of the winning team from survival show Mix Nine (2018).

Hopefully Treasure 13’s debut preparation will resume shortly, as its members have prepared extensively with their participation in Treasure Box, though YG Entertainment’s current plans for the group remain uncertain.

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1 year ago

Not even surprised at this point.

1 year ago