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Did someone say Twice? After waiting for 5 months for a Korean release, Twice are finally back with a long-anticipated comeback. Teasing Onces with individual teasers, they showcased different parts of the song and many fans jumped to discover the song before it was even released! This was a comeback everyone, even non-Onces, were looking forward to. 

Despite the complications with Mina’s health, Twice still managed to deliver a performance that did not disappoint. With the title track “Feel Special” written by J.Y. Park, Twice showed a more strong, passionate and mature side with their 8th EP sporting the same name as the title, Feel Special.

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01. “Feel Special

Unlike previous Korean releases, Twice show a different side in “Feel Special” as they showcase how their loved one makes them literally ‘feel special.’ The song is similar in sound to Fancy.

Right at the beginning of the song, the listener is surprised with the beautiful vocal parts sung by rapper Chaeyong. The absence of drums during the pre-chorus provides a nice contrast to the verses and provides a good buildup for the chorus. With a small silence to build anticipation, the listener is launched into the chorus which features the return of the drums.

Mina’s lines were particularly enjoyable as they were pleasant to the ear. It was also nice to see that Momo’s voice was no longer overly autotuned anymore as well. The contrast between the vocals and rich instruments to a more trap beat during Dahyun’s verse was also a nice change-up which provided the listener with something different.

However, more harmonies would have been an excellent addition as they have showcased their wonderful talent in this area before in previous releases. There also seems to be nothing too interesting happening musically; the repetitiveness can get tiring after a few listens.

Rating: 6.5/10

02. “Rainbow

Twice’s brings back their cute and cheerful side in “Rainbow,” with the lyrics written by Nayeon. In a recent V-Live, she spoke about being more conservative as the oldest of the group, so the song is about being free and being yourself. It gives motivation to people to reach their full potential.

What struck me as quite interesting is the quiet pre-chorus; the music is almost being restricted like the girls themselves are. But the beat gets clearer and clearer until we are hit with the sudden loud chorus which indicates Twice being free and unrestricted. They are being themselves and encouraging the listener to do the same.

The song is short and sweet—maybe even too short as I would have loved to hear more.

Rating: 7.0/10

Twice,Twice Feel Special,Twice Feel Special Album Review,Twice Feel Special Review,Twice 'Feel Special' Album Review, KS DAILY

03. “Get Loud

Written by Jihyo, this song speaks of a trapped girl who is always being watched—possibly hinting at the haters who always twist their words and actions. The song gives an atmosphere of danger and fear; as if you are playing a game of poker with your life on the line.

The song begins with loud cymbals, relating back to the title, which is repeated in the chorus. The vocals are the main point of this song with heavenly backing vocals after certain lines. Although there is not much happening musically or structurally, all the different sounds come together to produce a pleasant and catchy tune which the listener will never get tired of. We can’t go without mentioning the highlight of the song—Jeongyeon’s high note. It really enhances the song and proves the ability of the lead vocalist.  

Rating: 7.5/10

04. “Trick It

“Trick It” features a lot more rap than other songs. With the lyrics written by Dahyun, the listener is able to see more of the rappers’ talent being shown with this release.

Despite the focus on rapping, Twice’s vocals do not disappoint with most of the lyrics sung in a high register contrasting with the lower pitched rapping by Dahyun and Chaeyoung. One of the most interesting parts of the song is the separation of each syllable during the second verse which is done mostly by the vocalists, almost making it seem they are rapping as well. The backing vocals during some of the rapping parts was also a nice element that added to the song. I particularly enjoyed the way they turned part of the chorus into the bridge with only simple instrumentation which provided an excellent build-up for the final chorus.

Rating: 8.0/10

Twice,Twice Feel Special,Twice Feel Special Album Review,Twice Feel Special Review,Twice 'Feel Special' Album Review, KS DAILY

05. “Love Foolish

“Love Foolish” has a sexier tone than the other b-sides, with Momo as the lyricist for this song.

The song makes good use of falsetto and head voice which is seen often in songs with a mature theme. The airy vocals contrast heavily with Chaeyong’s deep, whisper-talk lines in the chorus, producing an attractive and alluring sound. Momo’s rap part also surprises the listener who is normally accustomed to her singing. 

However, the high pitched voice in the background can be quite distracting at times. Overall, the song perfectly showcases Twice’s sultry side.

Rating: 8.5/10

06. “21:29

Written by all the members of Twice, “21:29” is a song dedicated to Onces.

Although it is only a simple melody, Twice perfectly convey their feelings through their singing lyrics. Filled with beautiful harmonies, it is a simplistic yet profound ballad. The girls really showcase their vocal potential with this song. The very beginning of the song starts with the girls singing ‘This is for you’ really highlighting that this song is meant for Onces who have always supported them no matter what.

Rating: 6.0/10

07. “Breakthrough” [Korean version]

The iconic Japanese release “Breakthrough” finally has a Korean remake. Unfortunately, it did not live up to expectations. As the original song was specifically made to fit with Japanese lyrics, the Korean song did not seem to have the same impact as the Japanese one.

Aside from the lyrics, “Breakthrough” was on the first songs where we could see a different side to Twice. Something different to the usual cheerful, innocent and happy side. The catchy of the chorus and the chant-like lyrics ‘Say Say don’t give up’ never fail to make the listener bop their head along to the music. Overall, “Breakthrough” is a great song but the Japanese version is much preferred by fans.

Rating: 8.0/10

Twice,Twice Feel Special,Twice Feel Special Album Review,Twice Feel Special Review,Twice 'Feel Special' Album Review, KS DAILY

On the whole, Feel Special was an album filled with many catchy beats and songs. Twice did an excellent job in displaying their vocal ability and lyricism showing the listener a new side to them, not only concept wise. However, some songs sometimes became too repetitive. Although the whole album was filled with a variety of genres and concepts, the songs themselves were not very varied musically. 

Overall Rating:

Twice,Twice Feel Special,Twice Feel Special Album Review,Twice Feel Special Review,Twice 'Feel Special' Album Review, KS DAILY
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