Last Updated on June 8, 2020 by Cosmic

VAV have been quite busy in the past few months. After their comeback in July with “Give Me More” and its subsequent Spanish version, they attended MUCON in Seoul and announced a European tour in December.

Now they seem to be preparing for something new.

VAV,VAV comeback, KS DAILY

The above picture was posted on their social media pages and fans have been speculating as to what this might mean: possibly a comeback, a single track, or another tour after the one in Europe.

From what we can see in the picture, it would most likely be a comeback, but the fact that their tour starts in early December might mean that they would not have time to promote it, since the date of this has not yet been announced.

Nevertheless, Vampz are excited for what is coming, and we hope it is as good as their previous releases!

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