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VAV,VAV Album Review,VAV Poison,VAV Poison Album Review, KS DAILY

VAV have had quite a few releases so far, being able to switch their concept and sound for most of them provides a wide variety for their fans. Their new title song “Poison” and the related 5th Mini Album drifts away from their previous comeback, from a tropical vibe to a more darker and pop-ish feel. As well as a sadder tone overall.

01. “Poison

“Poison” starts off strong with it’s rain pouring, glass shattering noises and a melodic piano, giving off a haunting feeling. The sound gets more aggressive with the pre-chorus rap but then shifts the attention completely away with your typical boring trap beat.

The chorus however is still able to create a catchy rhythm that isn’t too repetitive. The highlights are definitely the falsetto parts from the chorus.

The second verse doesn’t manage to take the sound back to the more eerie vibe but continues with the rather overused trap genre sound and synths.

The bridge does manage to recover the initial tone but doesn’t satisfy it enough.

The vocals are very varied. Using a lower register for the verses to the higher notes and chorus which does help to elevate the track. The faster rap parts are helpful to create more unique parts in the track to have enough different elements.

VAV,VAV Album Review,VAV Poison,VAV Poison Album Review, KS DAILY
Rating: 2.5/5

02. “119

119 is the emergency number in parts of Asia, and the track definitely reflects the feeling of a situation where you’d have to call it.

The strong piano evokes emotions, the gloomy synths and adlibs make it a bit more darker, add a drum set and you have the “adrenaline” setting in. The instrumental does a great job at converting the feeling to a melody.

The chorus is more of a electronic synth drop guided with some nice rhythmic vocal lines.

The track is structured the same throughout, a more somber melody that leads to a upbeat part for the verses and the pre-chorus leading up to the EDM drop.

The track shines with it’s nice melody. From the vocals to the instrumentals, everything feels like it belongs together.

VAV,VAV Album Review,VAV Poison,VAV Poison Album Review, KS DAILY
Rating: 4/5

03. “Runway

Runway is much more funky compared to the other tracks of this album. Even including some dark vogue-style synths which fits perfectly for a Runway.

The first part flows well together, from the rap verse to the melodic pre-chorus creates a catchy tune.

The chorus falls a bit flat, using typical synths again in a more jarring way, turned up way too loud, over powering the vocals, taking the focus from the nice notes they are hitting.

The second part of the chorus or rather the additional instrumental drop is a amazing sudden cut to what has been heard before and the second verse takes and builds on that, flowing really well together again, rap verse mixed with some vocals to the amazing melodic pre-chorus.

Overall the song is a lot of fun if it weren’t for the first jarring parts of the chorus.

Rating: 3.5/5 Stars

VAV,VAV Album Review,VAV Poison,VAV Poison Album Review, KS DAILY
Rating: 3.5/5

04. “Sweet Heart

Sweet Heart is the ballad of the album. It’s definitely more on the happier side of ballads, a sweet love song if you want.

The main melody comes from a nice acoustic guitar and the vocals have a soft character to them. Not going all out on the power and high notes.

The track does an amazing job of blending the verses and chorus together, it feels almost effortless. Really easy on the ears which you might need after the other songs.

Saving the high and powerful notes for the end gives it a great overall buildup and excitement.

I feel like this song could’ve gone a bit more harsher though, it feels too effortless at times, too soft, too easy.

VAV,VAV Album Review,VAV Poison,VAV Poison Album Review, KS DAILY
Rating: 3/5

The album is diverse of sounds, each track offering something different, not only instrumental and vocal wise but each track manages to evoke different emotions. VAV is able to deliver vocally with every song, having nice melodies and varying between the lower and higher registers of each member creates enough uniqueness to distract from the rather overused genre elements at some parts of the songs. The album while still produced well overall, seems uninspired in its sound. So far VAV tried to show us different sides with their many concept and sound switches but this time they kind of fall flat with it.

Overall Rating:

VAV,VAV Album Review,VAV Poison,VAV Poison Album Review, KS DAILY
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