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Rumors have been circling around the internet that NCT’s Chinese sub-unit ‘WayV’ might be getting a full album this October. With the recent announcement of a live-stream fans have even more reason to believe the rumors.

The stream will be held on the Chinese streaming service Yizhibo tomorrow, the 20th of September, where they will talk to the fans about their recent activity as well as future endeavors. The live-stream will commence at 13:00 CST (Chinese Standard Time).

WayV,rumor,WayV full album,October,WayV comeback, KS DAILY

Two of the members, Ten and Lucas, will also soon debut in SM’s super group ‘Super M’. Cause of this some netizens are worried that the new groups schedule and WayV’s might overlap, which would definitely take a toll on the two idols. Although this isn’t expected as ‘Super M’ will most likely finish their promotions before ‘WayV’ begin theirs.

In any case after the bop that “Take Off” was I think everyone expects some next level content from WayV coming up! Fighting!

WayV,rumor,WayV full album,October,WayV comeback, KS DAILY

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