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It’s the 27th of August, a day One Its will most likely remember till the groups eventual end. But until that faithful day we can look back at what was easily an extremely entertaining show they delivered for us in their debut performance as a group and as idols. Some for their first time and some as a second-chance.

Before the actual Debut Showcase though we got the release of their long awaited debut MV “Flash”, and the video is as flashy and well-produced as you’d expect from a produce group.

2 hours after this beautiful MV was released they stepped onto the stage of the Gocheok Sky Dome to show their fans, both in attendance and tuning in from different live-streams, what they’ve working on the past month or so. And as many fans stated through social media… they delivered. Their hard work could clearly be seen throughout their performances.

Something that a lot of fans could get behind was seeing the members perform songs they previously didn’t have the chance to, one of the most prominent examples being the sexy and manly Hangyul performing “Pretty Girl”

Legendary ‘Ippeo ippeoyo’

They performed many of their most well known songs from the show like “Move”, “Got U”, “Boyness” and “Pretty Girl” as well as new songs from the album including “Flash”, “I’m here for you”, “Like Always”. They ended the show with the theme song of the whole series “X1-MA”. Between these performances they also had talk sections with the fans as well as the host where the expressed all the emotions they felt leading up to the debut and how much they appreciated their fans support.

Some of the members even cried after the “I’m here for you performance” leading to loud chants of “It’s okay!”.

The showcase also went smoothly without any stoppages or interruptions. Everything was perfect in the eyes of both the X1 members and the One Its. A truly beautiful experience for anyone who watched.

We wish all the best for these boys going onward. X1 Fighting!

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